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Discover The 101 Best Tips & Tricks For The iPhone

Dear iPhone Owner,

Your iPhone is the best phone you have ever had. Am I right? But does the elegant user interface sometimes frustrate you? Believe me, you're not alone.

My name is Nick Dalton. I have spent the past couple of months digging deep into the iPhone, discovering all the quirks, useful shortcuts and the best tips & tricks. I've compiled the very best of them into a concise ebook so that you don't have to spend the time and go through the pain of discovering them yourself.

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The 101 iPhone Tips & Tricks ebook has just been updated with the latest information from the 1.1.3 upgrade. This makes it the only book available on the market that is current and completely up-to-date. Here are some of the new things you will learn:

All in all there are ...

... 22 new pages packed with information dedicated to the 1.1.3 update

This is of course in addition to the original:

... and 80 more useful Tips & Tricks

The iPhone is an expensive little device. You want to make sure that you get the most out of it. You want to be able to go on for hours when your friends ask you "What do you use your iPhone for?"

The normal price for this ebook is $18.95. For a limited time you can get this Treasure Trove of Tips & Tricks for your iPhone at the special price of only $12.95. That's less than 15 cents per Golden Nugget of information...

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For $12.95, a fraction of what you pay to AT&T every month, you can on the fast track to exploring and fully utilizing your iPhone.

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Your iPhone Expert,
Nick Dalton
Author of "101 iPhone Tips & Tricks"

P.S. Apple keeps releasing new software revisions for the iPhone at a relentless pace. Traditional books become out-of-date before they even hit the shelves in your local bookstore. The 101 iPhone Tips & Tricks ebook is constantly kept up-to-date, and free updates are included in your purchase price.

Who Is Nick Dalton?

Nick Dalton has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has consulted for Ericsson on mobile phone technology, and written several applications and systems for cellphones.

He is the author of these two well respected resources...

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What They're Saying About Nick Dalton

"Nick is one of the deepest thinkers and most capable software architects I have known. His reliability and cheerful decorum make working with him a pleasure."
- David Foote, Software Architect

"There are many good technologists out there, but Nick stands out at the most trustworthy I have ever met; both in terms of the viability of his technical work but also at a personal level."
- Christian Lagier, Practice Manager

Nick Dalton's SOA project was awarded with the InfoWorld Top 100 projects of the year distinction.
- InfoWorld, November 13, 2006